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We are ISD, an innovative outsourcing provider that focuses on properly managed and professionally integrated remote software development. Multilayered in our expertise, we work on long-term and project-based partnerships.

And now, we are looking for a Delivery Manager that will be responsible for handling the full process, help establish company standards, as well as ensure effective and professional communication with key stakeholders and customers.


  • Delivers software development services while taking care of all project phases;
  • Develops and maintains a comprehensive set of tools and procedures to handle PM at high standards;
  • Facilitates visibility and accountability for resource use, communication, timelines, and cross-team participation as appropriate using project management workflows and tools;
  • Effectively communicates with the customer(s) within the frame of the contracts;
  • Causes the removal of impediments to the Agile Team’s progress;
  • Creates premises for extension or new projects with the customers;
  • Shares PM knowledge with rest of the team;
  • Communicates with executives and the board to keep the project aligned with their goals;
  • Ensures a high-level of quality of the product/services delivered;
  • Performs resource allocations and workload assignments according to delivery requirements;
  • Ensures that the team maintains a high level of competence and operational excellence;
  • Analyzes customer orders, sets delivery priorities and makes schedule adjustments to meet delivery goals in a timely manner;
  • Develops scope and budget for delivery projects.

Required skills and qualifications:

  • Good grasp of PM frameworks;
  • Proven experience with various project management methodologies (e.g., Agile/Scrum);
  • Proven leadership skills;
  • Cost and risk management skills;
  • Excellent communication, negotiation & conflict management skills;
  • To have confidence in important decisions;
  • Friendly and approachable;
  • Previous engineering experience or IT background would be an advantage.

What will you get:

  • Stay healthy and happy! Private health insurance allows you to use private clinics services.
  • Fit body, fit mind! As we encourage a healthy lifestyle, you can benefit from sports compensation in the following way: by getting a gym membership, by purchasing an online sports subscription or buying sports equipment.
  • Work smart, enjoy your time! We support work-life balance, that’s why we encourage flexibility in your schedule.
  • Learn. Develop. Succeed. Education budget that is granted for investments in your development and can be used for the following: Certifications, Courses, Trainings and Conferences.
  • Geek out! A part of the education budget can be spent on gadgets, that stay yours.
  • A chapter a day keeps coding errors away! Suggest books! A book caught your interest and you want to read it? ISD will buy it for you.
  • Never stop learning, never stop growing! 5 pm Club at ISD is a trigger for new projects development and for self-guided improvement that is oriented in two directions: forming and developing an idea and knowledge sharing by public speaking.

Contact us now at:

We really want to hear from YOU.

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