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ISD is an extensive outsourcing provider that is committed to creating a consistent customer experience alongside fostering an empowering environment for each team member. Our workflow is amplified by the collaboration with Inther Group, our strategic partner in the Netherlands, which ensures synergy between the flexibility of a dedicated team & opportunities provided by the group.

Since its founding in 2008, the ISD team has been working relentlessly on the basis of the long-term partnership to successfully implement and optimize complex solutions for companies that are major market players on an international scale: systems used for inventory management, warehouse automation, international mail management, invoicing, farm process automation, engineering cost estimation, real estate consulting. ISD is always eager to take on new challenges and find fresh perspectives addressing the business needs of our customers.

At ISD, we take pride in our unique approach that is a blend of the agile mindset with enhanced efficiency through the application of best practices and technical excellence.


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